Elder: Spires Burn/Release (2012 EP Stream)

Elder’s most excellent limited edition 12″ EP is currently streaming on The ObeliskSpires Burn/Release is the follow up to thier 2011 LP Dead Roots Stirring and sees the band developing some new aspects of their sound, eg clean vocal harmonies, without compromising the crushing riffage. Continue reading

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Art: The Unreal Never Lived

Yob’s The Unreal Never Livedreleased in the summer of ’05 on Metal Blade. Abstract doom at it’s sheer best and sure to make mincemeat of your eardrums.


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Nile: At The Gates Of Sethu (2012 Album)

On June 3rd, self proclaimed ‘Ithyphallic’ metal legends Nile released their seventh studio album ‘At The Gates Of Sethu’. A band requiring little introduction, Nile have been pioneers of seriously evil technical death metal since their 1993 inception in Greenville, South Carolina. Several line-up changes have resulted in the current trio of Karl Sanders (guitar, vocals, bass), Dallas Toler-Wade (guitars, vocals) and George Kollias (drums, general percussion), three blackened souls infused with the spirit of the Egyptian demon of death dealing seriously face-melting riffage over relentlessly pounding blast beats.

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Baroness: Yellow & Green (2012 Full Album Stream)

As our buddy over at A Metal State Of Mind has pointed out, Baroness have put Yellow & Green on npr.org for full streaming pleasure!


Anyone going to be at the gig in London’s Barfly on Thursday? Look out for the AdrenoBarins, who will be plying unsuspecting metallers with business cards and general rambling incoherence!


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Art: The Harrow & The Harvest

Artwork by John Baizley at the request of Gillian Welch. Released 2011 with Warner Bros. Produced by David Rawlings, all songs by Welch & Rawlings


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The Art of John Baizley (Part II): A Perfect Monster

Baizley has also worked with a massively diverse range of bands, doing a collection of cover art and inlays most of which, along with a bunch of other cool stuff, can be found on his website. In a recent interview Baizley has admitted one of these artists gained a special place in his heart. Already a big fan of her music he was honoured when he was asked last year to do the cover art for New York based folk/country singer/songwriter Gillian Welch, an opportunity relished also for the fact it presented the opportunity to work outside the heavy music industry.

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Gillian Welch – The Harrow & The Harvest (2011 Album Review)

Released 2011 with Warner Bros.
Produced by David Rawlings
Art & Design by John Dyer Baizley

I have just listened to Gillian Welch’s, The Harrow and the Harvest for the first time.  The couple describe their music as American Primitive – a classic genrelisation.  The album is very folk rock, with a ‘Waify’ feel to it, although whilst there is a dynamic to the album, it seems to me synonymous with the word ‘down’.  Veterans of the genre and well respected as musicians, Dave and Gill have built a cult following since their first album release in 1996 and later, music for the Coen Brother’s triumph in O Brother, Where Art Thou?
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Old Man Gloom: NO (Full Album Stream)

Stream this perplexing album in it’s entirety at Self-Titled daily, with track by track commentary from the band, a nice touch to surely quench the curiosity.

More to come from OMG in the coming weeks.

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Light Pupil Dilate: Artist Profile

The last of the original thirteen American colonies to become officially part of the USA, Georgia used to famous only for its peaches and peanuts but since the turn of century has begun kicking out some of the most talented and innovative metal bands on the scene today. Georgia is the home of southern rock and blues tinged Sludge, a particular subgenre style that has risen from obscurity into the alternative mainstream with the rise and rise of bands such as Baroness and Mastodon.

This southern groove resonates particularly strongly with the metalreceptors deep in the AdrenoCraniums of this site, and to break the tension caused by all the excitement and suspense surrounding the upcoming Baroness release we’ve been delving deeper into some of their contemporaries and come across some interesting fellows by the name of Light Pupil Dilate.

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