Hall Of Beards

Welcome to Adrenochrome Music’s Great Hall Of Beards… As you may or may not know we have a ‘Bearded Hero of the Week’ post every Sunday,  just click the links to go straight to the articles describing the achievements of those that have already entered, been saturated with mead and are mingling in drunken merriment!

And reader, please suggest those donning the best chin sweaters that you would like to see make it into the Hall Of Beards.

Schegghalla awaits those we deem worthy to enter and rest assured this particular meadhall is most certainly closed to those bereft of bewhiskerment!


7 thoughts on “Hall Of Beards

  1. Jason says:

    All four band members of Four Year Strong should be in this

  2. Nick says:

    None of the band members of Four Year Strong deserve to be on a positive list. *

  3. Alex says:

    Mastodon then?

  4. kerry king soon for sure

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