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Primate: Draw Back A Stump (2012 Full Album Stream)

Speaking of homosapiens, Primate have made their new album Draw Back a Stump available for streaming here. Primate is the side project of none other than Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher. ‘Cos the only time that I feel at ease, is swinging up and down in a coconut tree. Continue reading

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Elder: Spires Burn/Release (2012 EP Stream)

Elder’s most excellent limited edition 12″ EP is currently streaming on The ObeliskSpires Burn/Release is the follow up to thier 2011 LP Dead Roots Stirring and sees the band developing some new aspects of their sound, eg clean vocal harmonies, without compromising the crushing riffage. Continue reading

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Nick Cave: Reissues (2003-2008 Albums)


Nick Cave &The Bad Seeds have announced the release of the final set of reissues of their classic albums. Nocturama (2003), Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus (2004), and Dig, Lazarus Dig!!! (2008), Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’ twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth studio albums respectively, will come out on the 6 August 2012, each as a seperate, deluxe double-disc Collectors Edition. Expect reissue reviews!


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You Lucky Bastards!

We’re back from the US, battered, skint but alive and in one piece and armed with an abundance of ripping yarns, but that’s for another day. Music is our business.

As far as the Blog is concerned, there is a lot to look forward to. We have all new ‘Music’ & ‘Artwork’ sections coming soon with a bunch of cool shit to check out AND get this, the first Bearded Hero of 2012… Who will it be I wonder?

And, yes! Finally, some posts! (‘Now, let us gingerly touch our tips…’)

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All we need is a clear head… And a drive!


Unfortunately we have neither right now.

Graveyard at the Underworld last night, followed by a mere three hours kip and an unceremonial booting from our floors of residence into the concrete jungle of Shepherd’s Bush. Bleary eyed but with Odin on our side we forged forth to the breakfast hall, and later to Heathrow Planestation, where upon we wait with pints and folded benjamins for the travels ahead!

To NYC! May we drink, may we fight, may we make our anscestors proud… Now… To taste the Big Apple and look upon the fair face of Liberty!



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The Number of The Beast!


Your humble narrators were buying some unauthorised breakfast items in Londis the other day… And, would you believe it? Two consecutive transactions came to £6.66! Twas the most sinful of fryups.


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A New Author Within Our Midst!

It is with great pleasure that we, the Writers at Adrenochrome Music, announce that we have become a tri-force to be reckoned with. Our newest member (above right) is compelled by the power of Riffs also, and will be a prolific poster soon enough!



Black Sabbath to Reform! (2011 Tour)

In what’s shaping up to be a most excellent day, it turns out that, not to be content with already writing all the music ever whilst travelling through space and time, brummie legends Black Sabbath are once again to try and reform with the original lineup of Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward.

Ozzy and Iommi have apparently been writing new material since June, and rehearsals for a tour have recently commenced!

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In Sludge We Trust…

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