We like our music to come as a complete package of creativity. This artwork section gives us a chance to share with you just a fraction of some of our favourite album art.

The rise of torrents and file share sites has threatened the independent record store and with it killed the desire of many to part with any cash for their music.

With this section we aim to try to restore just a bit of that desire. For not only are we depriving our favourite artists of a deserved income but we are missing important factors of what an artist is attempting to create, for instance the way in which they wish their work to be perceived, as a whole and not just heard. Support the artists you like, buy their tunes.

If you’ve bought an album with really killer art recently, tell us about it in the comment section below!

Prolific blogger Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop raises some interesting points:


(All images displayed in this section are the property of the record labels and original artists/designers/photographers and not of Adrenochrome Music. If any objections/issues arise they can be removed with immediate effect.)


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