The Art of John Baizley (Part I): Baroness

Ever since the first listen of Red, followed by a little look back at the EPs and a highly anticipated wait for Blue back in 2009, Baroness have since been capturing your humble narrators’ imaginations. It is no surprise that with such strong tunes, vivid imagery and a set of colour coded albums based on varying themes that the fascination only grew.

So with the release of Yellow & Green on the horizon, perhaps the most ambitious effort from Baroness yet, both musically and artistically; and the fact that for the first time the album art will feature pieces from artists other than Baizley, including Paul Romano who we’ve previously featured, as part of the package, we deemed it appropriate to cover some of Baizley’s album art in a post.

John Dyer Baizley has produced all of Baroness’ album/EP art to date and it is worth noting that the art he produces is heavily intertwined with the song writing process. It is important then, that in order to keep the message of the album cohesive, in order to keep the entire piece of art (music included) an accurate snapshot of time he must work on the artwork at the same time as he does on the music; ‘I try to make sure that there are points of synchronicity between the two, so there are references within the artwork to the music and vice-versa. The whole thing is meant to be taken at once.’ (rockarolla mag, issue 38)

First & Second EPs (recently re-issued deluxe vinyl with extended artwork)

Red Album (2007)

Blue Record (2009)

The highly anticipated Yellow & Green (coming 16 July UK) double album (2012)


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One thought on “The Art of John Baizley (Part I): Baroness

  1. Norman says:

    Red and Blue cover is awesome.. Then Yellow and Green make it completed.. His artwork just insanely amazing

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