Miles From Exile: Malcontents & Machinations (2012 EP)

After a blinding reception for their debut self-titled EP last year, Chicago-based progressive thrash metallers Miles From Exile are soon to release their second EP in August, titled ‘Malcontents & Machinations’.

Consisting of D’Andre (vocals), Tony (guitar), Justin (guitar), Mike (bass),and Edirin (Drums), the band have released a promo youtube video with teasing snippets of each track that wet the metalbuds, causing them to tingle in a not-unpleasant fashion and produce a palpable sense of excitement in the metalglands of the brain.

Released in tandem with a sneaky peak of the artwork (above), the promo grabs from the offset with some creamy lead guitar, clean, resonant bass and tinkling cymbal work with the occasional splash before breaking into cascading blast beats and anguished growls. The following sections of ‘The Hound’ and ‘Dunwitch Horror’ are chock full of said cascading beats, growls and harmonic overlays, whilst title track ‘Malcontents & Machinations’ is sure to be the centerpiece of the EP with some clean vocals from guest vocalist Phil DeBoer and slower, more ambient passages thrown into the relentless mix of thrash and melody.

Have a listen below, and follow the link to their YouTube page that contains several videos documenting the behind the scenes action during the EP’s production.


Track List:

  • The Hound
  • Dunwitch Horror
  • Malcontents & Machinations
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