Bearded Hero of the Week: John Maier

Slightly late but still in fine fettle, last weeks bearded hero is rogue brewmaster John Maier from Newport, Orlando.

Not content with the existing myriad of beard uses, including such fine facilities as snack storage, facial warmer or small child intimidator, Maier’s strong belief in the multipurpose nature of facial foliage has led him to produce a strain of yeast perfectly suited to the brewing of beer!

Ok so the discovery was made by accident after a joke, but Maier’s chin fluff, cultivated since 1978, has surprised us all earning him a place in the great meadhall of schegghalla, where his beard-brewed beverage is sure to be imbibed by the barrelload., an excellent blog about beer and Maier’s workplace, has this to say:

‘The beard yeast is currently being used in test brews to determine the perfect style & yeast combination. The beard beer, New Crustacean, will be released in early 2013. Rogue Ales and Spirits is dedicated to saving the terroir of Oregon hops, barley and rye, by growing our own, one acre at a time.’

‘New Crustacean’. Cannae wait!


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