Baroness: Eula (2012 Single)

Well the lads at Baroness have seen fit to release another single, this time ‘Eula‘, the closing track from Yellow.

Prepare to be absorbed. The track opens with two minutes of ethereal sadness, reminiscent of the most melancholic tracks from Steven Wilson’s Porqupine Tree, before a big Phill Collins breakdown brings in some bassy and rythmical resolve. The atmostphere builds steadily before a slightly suspect bridge, though one that brings some of the classic Baroness harmony to the guitars and a shot of Pink Floyd, and a solidly melodious lead solo and a return to the building atmosphere of melancholy, which breaks and builds once more before chugging to the close on heavily distorted riffs. Of the singles so far, its the only one thats really grabbed me from the very start, and my word it’s grabbing.

And so the enigma continues, just exactly what is going on here with this upcoming release?! ‘Eula’ continues on from singles ‘Take My Bones Away’ and ‘March To The Sea’ by also being completely different from any of the material on their previous albums and indeed completely different from each other.

Such differences continue to divide opinion among fans, with proponents of each view all jockeying for the musical high ground, be it that of the fanboy or the open minded musical intellectual.

For my part, I think it’s undeniable that these are great tracks whether they’re what anyone expected/wanted or not. Through attempts to base a belief on what the new albums with be like on the single’s disparate indicators, all I can say is it seems that this is going to one emotional record, supported by Baizley’s comment in a recent interview that it’s not a record to be smashed through for first listen, rather a record to take one’s time over.

Baizley also mentions the recent changes in the lives of the bandmates as a contributing factor to the bands new direction, and this seems to ring true with the singles, the music is more thoughtful and less shouty, more mellow and less raw.

First, Second, Red, Blue and even the Baroness half of their split with Unpersons all rank very near the top in my all time favourite records, and I’m confident that Yellow and Green will nestle in amongst them, though for different reasons it seems.

The track can be streamed at



2 thoughts on “Baroness: Eula (2012 Single)

  1. dooferee says:

    I enjoyed it, different from the other tracks. Leaves me itching for more!

  2. GE says:

    Barfly is guna be some sick sheeit!

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