Kyng: Trampled Sun (2011 Album)

Our new contributor and bloody good mate Alex has provided us with this tasty little nugget of Mastodonic drums and fist-pumping riffs! Enjoy:

Whoever said that southern California was devoid of decent music?  Eddie Veliz, singer songwriter and champion of melodic riff making teams up with Tony Castaneda and drummer Pepe Clarke to form the unique and appealing Kyng.

Their first album, Trampled Sun, which clearly derives its musicality from monoliths of the rock genre such as Zeppelin, Sabbath and Queens is as good as they get.  In particular, Bleed Easy, which amalgamates the easy rock style we have all come to know so well with sections of double bass intense enough to blow off your balls.

The album tends to overlay the heavy, rhythmic chug of a guitar combined with tuneful falsetto, a standard combination within the metal/rock genre – however, ‘tis the bits in between that allow Kyng to stand tall against their counterparts.  On tour at the moment, the spotlights will only get brighter as they play in the shadows of greats such as The Sword.  However, assuming they are not struck prematurely from their ascending throne, there is little reason why they should fail to go down in the annals of music history.  The question being, where will this rise to proverbial power lead them?


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