Bearded Hero of The Week – Olof Mellberg

In a profession marred by petulance, dissent and grandiose self-opinion one man stands apart, restoring some faith for the supporters of a game gone mad. With boundless loyalty Mellberg spent 7 long seasons at the underachieving English club Aston Villa, with numerous and determined displays of some staunch defending he quickly won over the hearts and minds of the Villa faithful and was made club captain under Martin O’Neil.

The Swede’s modesty and professionalism meant he was a great example for some of the younger players with huge salaries and egos to match and whose behaviour both on and off the pitch made him an extremely popular character in English football. At the last game he played for Villa at West Ham before his transfer to Italian giants Juventus (a deserved move for a defender of his calibre) he bought every fan in the ground a shirt with his name on the back, immortalising his name in club history.

His International career has been long and successful too and the main reason for his selection as Bearded Hero this week. He had a brilliant game against England the other day and showed the never say die attitude we admire at Adrenochrome! His 2 goals and sheer defiance against the marauding English hordes nearly led his team to victory but it was not to be. This competition is highly likely the last we’ll see this great player, a shining example of a player that fits the mould of an age gone by, and it is with this prospect that we say farewell (let’s hope to be proven wrong at Brazil 2014) and see him join his Scandinavian forefathers in the the revered Great Hall of Beards! Well done sir.


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