The Sword: Apocryphon (2012 Album)

Having just performed the physical release of new single ‘Hammer Of Heaven’, the mighty Sword have announced plans to begin writing and recording their fourth full-length studio album Apocryphon towards the end of the month, with release set for Autumn.

Hailing from Texas in the US, The Sword’s brand of heavy chugging stoner metal is a particular favorite here at AdrenochromeMusic to say the least!

The Sword not only manage to fill each and every track with quality riffs that forces a listeners hand into a fist and up into the air for a good ol’ pumping, but also fully explore each one in turn, making incredibly intricate music that creates the most rowdy of atmospheres.

Stay wary, and keep watch for future posts on each of The Sword’s previous releases, as these will be coming soon!


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One thought on “The Sword: Apocryphon (2012 Album)

  1. This is some awesome news. The Sword is one of those bands that can do no wrong, so suffice to say, I’m totally hyped for this record. I really hope they follow the feel they established with Warp Riders, I really dug that ‘cut school and smoke a joint in the back of my van with my headphones on’ feel to it.

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