Mortad: The Myth of Purity (2012 Album)

Formed during 2008 in Scotland before moving to London in 2010, melodic death band Mortad rose to success quickly after the release of their first EP Pandemic Paranoia, mirrored by storming success in the Reverbnation metal charts.

Having released their first full-length record entitled The Myth Of Purity in February, Mortad currently consists of founder Somi Arian (vocals), John Huges (guitar), Joe Perumal (bass) and Szymek Lawik (drums).

Somi is recorded as saying Mortad are influenced by Carcass, Strapping Young Lad and Lamb Of God, but being a rare female in the business Somi’s style and that of the band overall are being heavily compared to Arch Enemy, and there does exist a great deal of similarity between the two.

Whilst solid, the bands sound is pretty generic within the melodic death scene so we cant say this is a band we’re particularly excited about here at AdrenochromeMusic in terms of recording material.

However, the band are clearly talented and the material sounds like it would make for a great live show, so probably worth supporting if found playing the alehouses near you.

Somi Arian: that chick can totally wail.


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