The Company Band: Pros & Cons (2012 EP)

Well it seems they have been busy over there at Weathermaker Records, with The Company Band to release 5-track EP Pros & Cons on 31st July.

As yet, the tracks appear unavailable for streaming, but Dave Bone has been quoted on, the official website for Clutch and their subsidiaries, stating ‘the music on this record is our most platinum influenced. Early 80’s hard rock and classic metal. Bands like AC/DC, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and some Aerosmith. But it’s become a melting pot. This is the stuff where we really found our sound,’ with Jim Rota adding ‘It’s like that point in life when you finally say; I’m trading in the Kawasaki and going full Harley. We went full Harley on this one.’

All of which leaves us here at AdrenochromeMusic breathless with anticipation!

Until such a time as we can post a sample track, for the time being we’ll just have to make do with this previous release:

Track Listing:

1)      House of Capricorn

2)      Black Light Fever

3)      Kill Screen

4)      Loc Nar

5)      El Dorado


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