Baroness: March to the Sea (2012 Single)

The second single from Baroness’ forthcoming album ‘Yellow and Green’ is available for streaming at Pitchfork Media the tune highlights the continuing evolution of the band’s sound. The song its self is melodic and catchy but lacks any real progression. Interesting track nonetheless.


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6 thoughts on “Baroness: March to the Sea (2012 Single)

  1. dooferee says:

    Trepidation: A feeling of fear or agitation about something that may, or may not, happen/work/perform/succeed.

  2. Totally hyped for this record. I think it has a nice progression as they do a great job of layering established melodies underneath giving it a nice full feel by the time the end hits.

    • georgeerby says:

      Fuckin’ A man, fuckin’ A.

    • georgeerby says:

      BTW, cheers for the shout out at A Metal State of Mind dude!

      • Anytime homefry. I really dig what you got going on here. You guys have a good ear and I like that things are pretty diverse round these parts and from what I’ve read and listened to of yours so far is right up my musical ally. Beards are awesome too (I would rather die than shave mine off, or if I was offered a fuckload of money).

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