Bearded Heroes of the Week – ZZ Top

This week we take to venerate three of the most famous beards in all of metaldom, those of the excellently classic Texan Blues-Rock ensemble ZZ Top.

Three beards you say? But I only count two beards and a moustache! Surely entrance to the exalted Hall of Beards is reserved for those only with a full facial appendage, with the puny caterpillars of above-lip plumage turned away at the great hairy oak doors?

Whilst this is indeed true dear reader, your exclamations of protest are unfounded, as by a curious quirk of fate the bands drummer, the lad on the right, goes by the name of Frank Beard!

We can frankly (sorry) only imagine what scale of grand facial protuberance his forbears must have achieved for his lineage to be forever acredited with such a title, but enter he shall, with his bandmates Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill at his flanks, to take up his rightful place in Sheghalla.

And just in case there remained any doubt, these rugs really tie Gibbons and Hill’s general ledgendary status together:


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