Balero: Artist Profile

Just a lil’ something that caught my ear a while back. Balero, formed in Wilkes-Barre, PA in 2002, are a powerful instrumental trio (currently looking for a vocalist) that play an aggressive form of stoner rock. They are the kind of band that are not trying to be massively innovative or original and stay true to their roots. They have a lot of fun jamming out big stoner tunes and who can blame them? They’ll probably never sound any better, but never sound any worse. Straight down the line riffage. Perfect when you’re in the car and need to get somewhere fast, fist pumping metal that helps you get shit done! Their sound/style is high levels of attitude and intensity, fairly low levels of proficiency. But it’s great.

You’re never going to get soundscapes, progressive psychedelic passages or awe inspiring technical musicianship. That’s not what Balero are about; there can be no denying though that there is a time and a place for their music. Give it a whirl. They currently have two full length records out (free for streaming on Spotify) or else you can find pretty much all of their work, including the EP, on their Youtube channel.


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