Eurovision Metal Contest: The Results!


Well Sweden may have won in the Eurovision Scree Contest, but when it comes to Metal our Nordic brethren have fallen short, but nevertheless coming a respectabe third in the Metal standings; a surprise as Opeth were one of the bands with the largest fanbases in the competition.


Next up, with an indeterminately larger number of ‘póints’, Rotting Christ from Greece came in second place; one of the longest-running bands in the competition having formed in 1987 and releasing their first record, a split EP with Yhorypansi (aka Sound Pollution) in 1988.


Stealing the show with a fine effort from what seems a very solid fanbase over there in the Med, Cypriot power metallers Winters Verge take the crown with a fantastic gazillion bajilion póints!


So to all those naysayers who may make the empty and ill-informed claim that metal is dead, a quick look over these competition posts proves without a shadow of a doubt that metal is indeed alive in the heart and minds of Europe!

Check back regularly over the coming weeks for upcoming blog posts about each of these artists, along with 2nd round winner Aeon Arcanum (Macedonia), 2nd round runner up Burzum (Norway) and a few of the other contestants that really impressed.


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