Eurovision Metal Contest: Graand Final!

Well after a truly exciting week today we bring things to a close with a full run down of the 10 finalists, voting will stay open for a couple of days but no longer so get those votes in quick, and remember to select your favourite THREE artists!

Cyprus was the clear winner from round one, with Greece a distant second, whilst as expected Norway and Sweeden got the most votes from round two.

Azerbaijan: IN MY COLD HANDS, ‘Echo

Creative instrumental Riffage

Cyprus: WINTER’S VERGE, ‘Paper is Blank

Epic power metal Riffage

France: GOJIRA, ‘Toxic Garbage Island

Progessive death Eco-Riffage

Germany: NECROPHAGIST, ‘Stabwound

Heavy-to-the-face technical death Riffage

Greece: ROTTING CHRIST, ‘ΔΑΙΜΟΝΩΝ ΒΡΩΣΗΣ’ (‘Demonon Vrosis‘)

Excellently named black metal Riffage

Great Britain: XII BOAR, ‘Triclops

Mythical swinecore Riffage

Italy: STRANA OFFICINA, ‘Metal Brigade

Well-established thrashy Maiden-esq Riffage

Norway: BURZUM, ‘Dunkelheit

Church-burning bandmate-stabbing Riffage

Spain: ANGELUS APATRIDA, ‘You Are Next

Virtuous thrash Riffage

Sweeden: OPETH, ‘Baying of the Hounds

Progressive canine Riffage


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