Snail: Blood (2008 Album) & Terminus (2012 Album)

Saturday is treat day; why not try the escargot a la doom? Originally formed in 1992 in Seattle, on the surface Snail, Matt Lynch (Bass), Marty Dodson (Drums), Mark Johnson (Guitar, Vocals), could appear to be one of the World’s laziest bands, having only just released their third album (over a 20 year career) earlier this month.

However, being Metal to the core, it was barely a few months after being signed and releasing a self-titled album and separate EP that the band split; mostly due to overindulgence in the clichéd worldly pleasures of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. After a solid 15 years apart, the band decided that they did like each other after all, and reformed to release their second full length album ‘Blood’ (2008), having acquired long time bro Eric Clausen (Guitar) along the way.

Received to rave reviews, ‘Blood’ combined fuzzy guitars and a pummelling rhythm section with layered, soaring melodies rarely heard in the genre, with grooves spreading over sunny fields and vocals that seem to retain a softness even when shouted.

Interestingly, ‘Blood’ was not composed of new material, most of it having been written just before the band’s split in ’94 yet despite this the album still seems fresh and does not sound dated, retaining the spirit of the generation through style whilst giving it a modern sound with clear production. It is certainly an album to play very loudly whilst lying on large patches of grass in the sun, whilst not forgetting the beers!

Similarly, ‘Terminus’ is certain to be a sure-fire hit for the summer, if we ever get there. Essentially split into two parts and stuffed full of new material, the first half of the album has more a mid-era Sabbath feel and the second half more of an early 70’s psychedelic rock bent, with passages of bludgeoning heaviness.

All in all both albums are truly full to the brim with pedigree riffage to sink your blackened teeth into, both very cohesive records packing in an incredible range of musical ideas, with ‘Terminus’ a worthy progression further and deeper through the potentialities composed in ‘Blood’. The new found momentum has made the future of this band a very exciting one indeed!


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