Eurovision Metal Contest: 2nd Heat

Votes for heat one are closed!

Below are the next ten lucky countries in contention:

Bosnia & Herzegovina: AGONIZE, ‘When Memory Dies

Ride-into-battle-on-a-firey-steed riffage

Estonia: TAAK, ‘Roe

Chugging doom riffage

Lithuania: LIFE’S EDGE, ‘Left in Despair

Epically anguished riffage

Macedonia: AEON ARCANUM, ‘Morbid Incarnation

 Unexpectedly heavy-to-the-face riffage

Malta: BEHEADED, ‘Recounts of Disembodiment

Just plain evil riffage

Norway: BURZUM, ‘Dunkelheit

Church-burning bandmate-stabbing riffage

Serbia: BANE, ‘Abhorrence

Expectedly heavy-to-the-face riffage

Sweeden: OPETH, ‘Baying of the Hounds

Progressive canine riffage

Turkey: BHAT, ‘Dua

Delightful death riffage

Ukraine: BALFOR, ‘Behold my Hate!

Black blast riffage

The top two from each of these two heats will go through to the final on Saturday morning along with France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the UK and hosts Azerbaijan.

Final results will be posted on Monday for anyone who still gives a rats ass.

Vote for your three favourites!


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