Bearded Hero of the Week: Ron Donachie

This is the best bit, where we at Adrenocrome pay homage to man’s great success/evolutionary hangover: follicle foliage. What a Beard we have for you this week! None other than Ron Donachie the only actor manly enough to grow and wear such a beard with such accomplished style.

For what it lacks in fullness it certainly makes up in dexterity. As you can see the chin is clean shaven whilst the copious cheek hairs of both sides of the face are left to roam, constrained only by gravity.

Donachie plays Ser Rodrik Cassel, an important character in the first season of Game of Thrones, a stellar HBO series based on the fantasy series by author George R. R. Martin. A man you may even see enter the Great Hall of Beards himself soon enough, for he too dons wondrous whiskers and a writing style to boot.

This seemed an appropriate choice of Beard given the recent success of the TV show and that the second season is already in full swing. Donachie’s particularly impressive facial hair is grown to nearly the exact characterisation laid out in the book, an achievement in itself. Moreover, we expect nothing less from the Master at Arms of Winterfell, who has trained many a warrior including Robb Stark, Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy. His shiny white burnsides are surely the most versatile of facial foliage in The Hall so far as they can be worn up for special occasions, such as drinking competitions, so as not to dangle them carelessly in one’s beer or tied around the neck for warmth whilst on watch during cold northerly nights. ‘Tis both practical and fashionable.

Ron Donachie was born in Dundee in 1956 and pursued an acting career soon after graduating in English Literature and Drama in the 70s. He got his acting break when he joined a theatre company in his native Scotland and was casted in John Burroughs’s play “One Big Blow”. During these performances he was part of a group that mimicked a traditional colliery band and was part of a six part harmony! He then went on to form an a capella singing group with other cast members, they called themselves ‘The Flying Pickets’ and had a Christmas no. 1 in 1983.

Donachie was a prolific theatre performer in the UK in the 80s and remains a profuse voice-over artist to this day. More importantly though, he currently dons the most courageous cheek coiffure upon which I have ever laid eyes. The sideburns are superlative. Take a bow son.


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One thought on “Bearded Hero of the Week: Ron Donachie

  1. Gotta love the “idontgiveafuckhowsillyilook” attitude of this beard, which in turn makes it not look silly, but f’n bad ass. And anything having to do with A Song of Ice and Fire is awesome in my book.

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