You Lucky Bastards!

We’re back from the US, battered, skint but alive and in one piece and armed with an abundance of ripping yarns, but that’s for another day. Music is our business.

As far as the Blog is concerned, there is a lot to look forward to. We have all new ‘Music’ & ‘Artwork’ sections coming soon with a bunch of cool shit to check out AND get this, the first Bearded Hero of 2012… Who will it be I wonder?

And, yes! Finally, some posts! (‘Now, let us gingerly touch our tips…’)

‘So what has been tickling your ear drums of late?’ I hear you ask. ‘We have missed the Adrenobairns like the desert, rain’. I hear you solemnly swear. Well we have missed you too and have been badgering away and listening earnestly in order to bring you these delicious treats (we’re the ones in the ice cream truck loitering around your local school/nursery, what?). Well, this, this is what has been lambasting the lobes at Adrenochrome of late, prepare yourselves for articles:

Capricorns, then and now a look at London’s experimental/atmospheric sludge legends.

Storm Corrosion, out last week the highly anticipated collaboration album between Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, Blackfield) and Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth, Bloodbath).

The first St. Vitus album released in 17 years you say? After blinding reviews from Terrorizer and other major publications and a recommendation from The Honourable Dan Marsicano, music critic (@heavytothebone2) we thought ‘Lillie: F-65’ deserved a post.

XII Boar, a smashing trio from the south of England, keeping the dream alive.

Elder, epic Stoner Doom from the other side of the pond and a focus on 2011’s pretty phenomenal ‘Dead Roots Stirring’.

Pelican & Balero, thunderous instrumentalists.

Baroness EPs + some hopes, dreams and aspirations for  ‘Yellow and Green’ and what it could just be. Something old, something new… (less Wrathchild, more Son of Sun)

Black Tusk, what this band is all about and what we really think of ‘Set the Dial’.

A Perfect Monster, we also hope to get a chance to explore some of John Baizley’s (Baroness) art, which I’m sure you all know, is class.

You lucky, lucky, lucky bastards!

So there you have it, follow the links for your own exploration and check back regularly for the postman as, and when he arrives.


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