Sludge on Spotify: II

Ok so Spotify isn’t quite what it used to be and is by no means the best method of free streaming out there, not with the likes of Grooveshark and Soundcloud knockin’ about. It is still though, the free streaming medium of choice at Adrenochrome music, what with its handy iTunes inspired interface and the plethora of heavy metal, sludge and doom tracks within its midst.

Today, we look to delve into the massive collection of Melvins albums on there… Ah Melvins, what can you say about the Melvins? That they hold their band meetings at Disneyland? That they have been through as many bassists as Spinal Tap have drummers? Or that they are perhaps the godfathers of Grunge?

Such a crazy and innovative back catalogue coupled with the band’s bizarre sense of humour and erratic behaviour makes uncovering and familiarising yourself with this band very interesting indeed.

When it comes to the Melvins it can be hard to know where to start and Spotify does us no favours as it offers a large chunk of their catalogue. It covers albums from their punk influenced beginnings right through the progression of their sound and luckily does not include the electro remixes!

Anyway, Melvins are early practitioners of sludge and have influenced a great many bands from all genres, but particularly Tool (melvinsuck), Crowbar, Mastodon, Eyehategod and Boris, the last of which are named after a Melvin’s song.

I would suggest the following as good starting points, but it really is worth just diving in!


Houdini (1993)

(A) Senile Animal (2006)

Nude With Boots (2008)

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