Sludge on Spotify: I

Black Tusk fans and Spotify users alike will be pleased to learn that a bunch of new Black Tusk tracks are up for  free listening, including their new effort, released this month ‘Set the Dial’.

Already a formidable force with which to be reckoned, Black Tusk are growing ever stronger with each release, mixing punk and hardcore influences with their quirky brand of metal. With their particularly strong live performances also considered and all going well this band should look to a long and prolific career. One which will be extremely interesting to watch evolve.

Yet Tusk give the impression that they have not quite fulfilled their full potential, their albums are very solid but their sound is still lacking in maturity and depth. I expect to see their sound ripen in much the same way as Neurosis’ has. They are a talented three-piece nonetheless and pack a hard punch.

All artwork on display here is that of John Dyer Blaizely of Baroness (for a change).

So here’s what’s currently up on Spotify:

Passing Through Purgatory (reissue) (2011)

Set The Dial (2011)

Taste The Sin (2010)


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