Captain America: The First Avenger (2012 Movie Review)

Much belated due to accommodation issues, this review of Captain America by our resident comic movie buff has been sitting in the inbox for quite some time, but it’s still an interesting read, so screw you!

America … Fu@K YEAH!!!!!

Captain America – The First Avenger

Synopsis: Captain America finally makes his debut on the summer blockbuster list and boy he packs a punch. Steve Rogers aka Chris Evans aka the Human Torch (I had to mention it) is a man of modest stature who is desperate to do his bit against the Nazis. Don’t fear historyphobes, or historyphiles for that matter, this movie really isn’t about history.  So Steve is the underdog with a moral compass who wins the lottery of fate and his transformed into El Capitan, or ‘The Captain’ if you will…

This isn’t the standard tale of boy gets superpowers, boy (now man) gets a girl and man saves the world. Director Joe Johnston does follow that well known formula for comic book movies to an extent. This is no Green Lantern (Its really is not that easy being green), but it’s no Batman Begins either. Captain America transports fans back to the belly of the 2nd World War, where we find the sinister Johann Schmidt in pursuit of a mystical power that will change the world forever. There really is an Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark feel to the plot. However, you will be captivated by the progressive pace of the movie. The Captain has finally landed but I feel that somehow some of his luggage has been delayed.

Dear reader, do not be fooled, this is not the debut appearance of the Captain on the screen., there is a 1990 adaptation which should be summed up as cinematic turd. The First Avenger grabs the audience and serves you with a likable underdog. There is a fair amount of fisticuffs which is always a plus, but the futuristic weapons seem too farfetched. I am a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan but I find it hard to follow the logic that the Nazis had such advanced weapons in 1943, making Iron Man’s 2008 gadgets look rather impotent.

The cast ensemble for the film was a masterstroke. Hugo Weaving is a man born to play the villain; his menacing tone’s even darker with a German accent.  Dominic Cooper’s introduction as Iron Man’s daddy was invigorating; all I can say is like father like son. The veteran Tommy Lee Jones is an unexpected source of humour in this movie which works well. There are a lot of peripheral characters that seem to move the plot along, look out for Spook’s star Richard Armitage cameo… wow. Haley Atwell’s role as Peggy Carter is mediocre at best. It’s the typical hot girl in the army with an attitude and the romance between her and the Captain seems bland.

The movie was fine; it was a well told story with a decent effect. The main problem I had with the movie was that I found myself bored during several parts. In fact I found the end as uplifting because you finally feel interested in the characters next challenge. I recommend you stay for the post credits scene… you get a glimpse of the Avengers.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be drawn to this movie, no question. If you like the underdog story, then Captain America will fill your boots with action, smart one liners and a trip back to the Second World War. The movie clearly plugs the upcoming Avengers movie and fits in to the Marvel jigsaw like Thor and Iron Man did before it. Chris Evans was a sound choice and he does not disappoint. I managed to entice my other half to the movie by pimping out the vision of Mr Evans physique in 3D… I am not ashamed.

The plot seems to suffer in the middle parts, which is the main reason why you never feel completely moved by it. In fact I lost interest in several characters after very promising introductions.  Special effects were lame; yes Chris Evans physique is digitally made to resemble Steve Urkels. That’s as far as it goes with this movie! More annoying is the current Hollywood con which claims that the movie was 3D. There was nothing 3D that I was amazed by and I am a simple-minded fellow…

Conclusion: Captain America: The First Avenger is a respectable introduction of the Marvels leading hero. It does exactly what the studio intended; get movie goers pumped for the summer of 2012. The disappointing fact that the movie just didn’t seem to have that climatic finish, would leave the audience jaded. Despite this, I find myself counting down the arrival of the Avengers Movie with bated breath!


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