Textures: Reaching Home (2011 Single)

So, although it’s been up just over a week now and the album is only 11 days away, this is posted as news because the title of Dutch tech-metallers Textures’ new track is an apt one for us here at Adrenochrome Music. For in the next couple o’ days we hope to finalise the financials in a deal that will seal us a flat, yes a flat!

Naysayers tell us ‘you should be homeless’, ‘you shall not have an abode’ and ‘you look like a bearded Marvin Hamlisch’. But to the Naysayers we say ‘Nay!’, ‘We should not be homeless!’, ‘We SHALL have an abode!’ and ‘Who the fuck is Marvin Hamlisch?’… yeah, so, here it is ‘Reaching Home’:

Textures feature two new members in a line-up reshuffle since thier last effort, 2008’s ‘Silhouettes’. Daniel de Jongh has come in on vocals to replace Eric Kalsbeek and Uri Dijk has come in on keys. The structure of Reaching Home is similar to that of ‘Awake’ off the last album and is a bit of a ballad, let’s hope though that the rest of the album has some mechanical brutality to look forward to.

Textures’ drummer Stef Broks tells Revolver Magazine what Reaching Home is all about; ‘The song is about finding a way back to innocence. The person speaking in the lyrics is struggling his way through life, passing by melancholic moments of looking back, clear moments of present time, and hopeful moments of looking forward. Home is where this person’s longing for; but does home lie in living, in only his thoughts, or in surrendering to passing away?

Reaching Home is a decent track that is keeping us at Adrenomusic guessing what path the rest of the album will take. I for one hold high hopes for ‘Dualism’, after being largely disheartened to hear, last year, that the future of Textures was teetering on the edge of obscurity after a mass exodus of members.

Textures will release their first album with label Nuclear Blast, ‘Dualism’ on 23 September 2011.

Just click the image below for the full Revolver interview with Stef Broks:


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