Bearded Hero of the Week – Brian Blessed

This week’s Bearded Hero, once again, is not from the world of metal (more heroic bearded metallers coming soon, promise). But, he has dressed up in chainmail and armour and shouted at the top of his lungs for most of his career, which is actually pretty metal. Brian Blessed is an English actor famous for his mighty voice, and he has a mighty beard to match!

 Blessed has played many Shakespearean roles throughout his career and played Vultan, the energetic and voluble leader of the Hawkmen in the 1980 film Flash Gordon, but perhaps most notably for us at Adrenochrome Music is the fact he starred in the comedy series Blackadder I as King Richard IV.

 Outside of acting Blessed trains his lungs for his trademark baritone voice by attempting to climb Mount Everest and until recently held the record for the highest Everest ascent without oxygen! He is also the oldest man to have reached the North Pole on foot and has done a terrible Pavorotti impression on National TV.


 So thanks to his bewhiskered visage and booming voice, Blessed gets our vote for hirsute hero this week.


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2 thoughts on “Bearded Hero of the Week – Brian Blessed

  1. I’m not much of a metalhead, and I don’t have much personal experience of hirsuteness (thank heaven!) but I agree Brian Blessed is the Bomb and has been for lo these many a year. Thanks for reminding us of that…and now I have to go hunt up that Pavarotti impression…sigh, more time misspent on the internet.
    –Jenny K.

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