Mastodon: Spectrelight (2011 Single)

These are indeed exciting times. Frenetic, brutal and totally domineering, ‘Spectrelight’ is the third track to be released before Mastodon’s new album ‘The Hunter’ hits the shelves and it features none other than Scott Kelly (Neurosis) bellowing and snarling his grievous groans in trademark fashion.

It harks back to the days of yore, Leviathan-heavy riffage sets the precedent for Kelly to bring us all back smashing down to earth with his thunderous tone. The combination is a proven one as Kelly has featured on the most triumphant Mastodon tracks “Aqua Dementia”, “Crystal Skull” & “Crack the Skye”. It could be, just maybe, The Hunter’s ‘Blood and Thunder’… It does fit the same mould after all. No clowns this time though.

Bang yo fookin’ swede:


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4 thoughts on “Mastodon: Spectrelight (2011 Single)

  1. BRACK METAW says:

    Actually Kelly’s been featured on numerous Mastodon songs (and albums) before, on “Aqua Dementia”, “Crystal Skull” & “Crack the Skye” respectively!

  2. Aha, yes it seems so obvious now! written too quick for research, I gots to change it! cheers Plenn

  3. George Erby says:

    it’s not Houser! It’s Quuaddee

  4. Refreshing and I appreciate the effort you might have put into publishing this post!! really informative! I wish there had been other web sites like it!

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