The Vagrancy Continues

Well we’re still homeless, scattered to wind like the crushed remains of dragon skulls, with no place to call our own. In homage to the technologies of yesteryear we bring you an 8-track playlist, summarising the highs and lows of roaming nomadicly across the land.

Starting of course with the definitive homelessness track, Ladysmith Black Mambazo featuring the most excellent Paul Simon, through which the concept of homelessness can be realised and accepted without pain. Damn that strong wind!

Having accepted the shite state of affairs, its time to get on it! So we ramble on through the darkest depths of metaphorical Mordor, worldly possessions in storage, vague plans of just how to hold down our various jobs with no abode and optimism in our heads.

Next up, Mastodon’s recent release ‘Curl of the Burl’. Hungry, exhausted and pretty fucking angry, the relentless lifestyle of a domicile-hunting vagrant begins to take its toll, but at the end of the day, ’tis just the curl of the burl.. And a most representative video to boot!

And we must drink and entertain in return for a safe and warm place to sleep, just like Socrates before us, so we say bottoms up and quaff our liquors in his memory.

Meanwhile, a bit of ska from the 80’s neatly encapsulates things from another perspective, that of the mates allowing you sofa access during the working week.

Track five is clearly heavily Leone inspired, and sums up well the feeling of striking out for the umpteenth day in a row from a mates place, with no agenda, only a direction, and a couple of hours to get hold of as many viewings as possible within the short time window before work.

Ah the sword. Only the sword can pull a person out of the deepest fatigue and make him strike out with renewed vigor, and this track has particular poignancy as no laws, excepting I guess the rules of honor, govern the routines of homeless men… and its fucking hard to get a chick, excepting of course if having a hundred dollar bill hanging out one’s zipper. Which is unlikely. Especially as we deal in pounds here.

Finally, in the gloom of the tunnel of initerancy, we remember always that with a decent set of headphones anything is possible, a man can survive for days on a diet of chips and 4hrs sleep a night if need be, so long as he keeps trudging, holding down that job and searching for those abodes as best he can.

They shall prevail, they shall get a flat!


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