Electric Wizard: Dopethrone (2000 Album)

Today’s offering is a beast. It is one of the most horrifyingly disgusting things that I have heard. It is a personal favourite. Electric Wizard’s ‘Dopethrone’ needs no introduction really, but for those who are not familiar: Electric wizard are a long running Doom/Stoner Doom outfit from Dorset of all places! Dopethrone is their third and most critically acclaimed album, released in 2000 with Rise Above Records and recorded at Chuckalumba Studios near their hometown in Dorset.

Situated right on the south coast of England and known for its coastal walks, tea rooms and sheep farming rather than for its budding metal scene Dorset is not without substantial inspiration for Doomsters. As it is one of the most settled in counties in England, the countryside is teeming with Castles and Keeps and has long history of Saxon, Pagan and Medieval settlement. Wizard are big into pagan and occult practices and other weird shit that creates an underlying malice to their music.

This album is not virtuoso guitars with technical drumming and, with all due respect, Electric Wizard are not pushing the boundaries of their own individual instruments. What this album is, is just so brutal and what they are doing is playing a very unique form of heavy ass metal, evil and spellbinding in its nature. Wizard makes some awful noises (and use some cool samples from 70s B movies) that taken individually would just drive you crazy, but all together they make it work and pleasing on the ear. The album is psychedelic to its core without sacrificing any of its crushing tension. If you like depressive down-tuned, monster riffs with big vocals and piercing crash cymbals at the top of every bar, then this album is most definitely for you.

For me, Dopethrone is like a cumbersome pisshead stumbling, lost and without any idea, home through dark and evil woods alone. With the alcohol numbing his pain, he crashes into every branch and collides with every trunk, tripping on every bough.  Confused, battered and bruised and after an ordeal lasting exactly 70mins 09secs he eventually passes out.

Standout Track:



1 Vinum Sabbathi 3:06
2 Funeralopolis 8:43
3 Weird Tales 15:04
i. Electric Frost
ii. Golgotha
iii. Altar of Melektaus
4 Barbarian 6:29
5 I, the Witchfinder 11:03
6 The Hills Have Eyes 0:47
7 We Hate You 5:08
8 Dopethrone 20:48

For fans of: Lucifer, rolling joints and sparking bongs.


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