The Bakerton Group: Artist Profile

What ho! Ooooh you lucky lot, you! Bringing our week of Fallon focus (interspersed with Mastodon artwork loving) towards its close is today’s post about The Bakerton Group, not only the only other group to be found on Weathermaker Records, but also one that consists entirely of the members of Clutch, that being Neil Fallon (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Tim Sult (guitar), Dan Maines (bass guitar) and Jean-Paul Gaster (drums), with Per Wiberg (Opeth, Spiritual Beggars) taking over the organ from Mick Schauer on latest album ‘El Rojo’.

The Bakerton Group’s output is best described as seriously funky instrumental jams, with a generous lashing of blues and psychedelia here and there. Just four talented musicians who’ve spent a great deal of time playing together letting loose and having some fun with a professional and highly polished finished result. With Fallon’s vocals being the stand out aspect of Clutch, its great to have him take a step back, joining the other lads on guitar, allowing the rest of the band to join center stage and really show us what they can do, which is a great deal to be sure. The lads have made three recordings under this name, a first EP ‘Space Guitars’ (2001), a self-titled album (2007- cover above) and a second album ‘El Rojo’ (2009- cover below). They have also been featured on a number of compilations, and were the opening band for the entire “An Evening With Clutch” tour.

Almost completely instrumental, their recordings are very similar to the extended jams that frequent Clutch shows, so anyone who’s had the pleasure of experiencing one of these jams will most likely recognize some of the material found on the records. Four tracks on ‘Heard It All Before: Live at the HiFi Bar’ are listed as by The Bakerton Group.

A must listen for any Clutch fan, stand out tracks on their self-titled include the guitar work on ‘Great Bakertons’ and the jazz-jam feel of ‘Last Orbit’, especially in the various keyboard voices, whilst on ‘El Rojo’ the heavy funk of ‘M.(f).H.S.’ and ‘Peruvian Airspace’ are a real treat.


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