The Company Band: Artist Profile

Formed in July 2007, The Company Band is composed of Clutch frontman Neil Fallon, Fireball Ministry frontman James Rota, CKY drummer Jess Margera, guitarist Dave Bone, and originally Puny Human bassist Jason Diamond, since replaced by Brad Davis of Fu Manchu in October 2008.

They have released two studio works, firstly EP ‘Sign Here, Here, And Here’ recorded in early 2008 at Grandmaster Recorders in Hollywood, California with producer Andrew Alekel, released on Venture Capital Records, secondly full length self titled ‘The Company Band’, released in November 2009 on the label Restricted Release.

The Company Band definitely has Fallon all over it, yet they retain influences from each members band, except perhaps CKY. Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for you, each song record by The Company Band is distinctive, and it is impossible to describe them as anything more specific than verse-chorus-verse rawk-n-roll with shitloads of meaty-yet-simple riffs, driving (and occasionally deft) drumming, overlaid with Fallon’s signature vocal delivery.

On their self titled, the style ranges from the Fu groove of “It’s A Confusing World” and Clutch quirk riffs of “Djinn and Pentatonic” to the softer, very bluesy “All’s Well in Milton Keynes,” giving the album a fair amount of variety. The latter is even enhanced by a touch of Allmanesque slide guitar and some moody drumwork from Margera. Immediately following are the heavier riffs of “Who Else But Us?”, with production on the warmer side of amp sounds, nicely revealing the nuances of each (slight) style variation.

These legends have been back in the studio as of the 12th May, with details allegedly to follow on their Facebook page as and when available.

Surprisingly, The Company Band has only 15,368 listeners on at time of press, certainly not a lot compared to the 197,393 Clutch or 188,584 Fu Manchu listeners, so this post goes out in the hope that some of these fans’ll get wind of this massively worthwhile sideproject and give it a listen, it certainly wont be regretted!


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