High Voltage Festival: Sunday Preview (2011)

Day 2! Well Electric Wizard made no appearance yesterday, details to come in our review on Wednesday, but the day was still great, lots of great music and many great pints. Despite there being fewer bands we want to see today its still looking like its gonna be a doozy.

With Dream Theater playing their new lineup and sludge pioneers Neurosis headlining their respective stages, we expect today to start slow (hopefully with plenty of festival banter to keep us occupied) and end with an atomic blast.

Now fully in the swing of things, despite dull aches in our heads, today we’re having a later start, only really aiming to see:

Graveyard (16:30 – 17.00)

Spock’s Beard (18:00 – 18:45)

Neurosis (18:45 – 20:25)

Dream Theater (20:20 – 22:20)

Thankfully there were plenty of humanoid cup refreshers yesterday that meant little time wasted standing at bars (more time standing wasted in crowds) we got to see nearly everyone we wanted to and more.

Watch this space for our full two part festival report of the festival shenanigans coming Wednesday and Saturday.


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