High Voltage Festival: Saturday Preview (2011)

Is today! Yes! Our oysters are charged, our alcohol concealed about our persons and we’re ready to go!

Here’s the, albeit ambitious, plan for today, lets hope we can get as much of it in as possible:

Caravan (15:30 – 16:15)

Ravens Creed (16:15 – 16:45)

Anathema (16:45 – 17:30)

Maybe a little bit o’ Thin Lizzy (17:35 – 18:25),

or just hunker down in the bar for a bit before

Sylosis (18:30 – 19:15)

Grand Magnus (19:45 – 20:30)

Catch the start of Judas Priest (20:35 – 22:50)

Before our personal highlight of the day:

Electric Wizard (21:00 – 21:45)


Here’s hoping there’ll be plenty of beer–bearing–bairns this year as last, all hail to the fella who came up with that idea, nothing makes a festival experience smoother than small, mobile draught beer dispensers weaving through the crowds!

Though it appears impossible to find photographic evidence of them on the internet, here’s also hoping last year they weren’t a figment of my shattered imagination…


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