Graveyard: Artist Profile

With High Voltage just around the corner we here at Adrenochrome Music have been diligently listening to at least a few tracks from each of the bands on the lineup that we were unfamiliar with and one in particular stands out as being one that we really should have been.

That band is Graveyard, a Swedish four-piece from Gothenburg.

Described as a psychedelic blues/70’s style rock band, these Swedish bards came together as far back as 2006, releasing their self-titled debut in 2008 on Tee Pee records, with a follow up album ‘Hisingen Blues’ earlier this year in April.

 Stand out tracks: ‘Thin Line’, ‘As The Years Pass By, The Hours Bend’

Stand out tracks: ‘Aint Fit To Live Here’, ‘Hisingen Blues’

What really struck me about this band is that its possible to hear just about every 70s rock legend you care to name within their music. Clear elements of Sabbath in the groove of the basslines and parts of the lead guitar, Zeppelin and Hendrix in the vocals, Cream in the drums to name but a few. Despite the expansive range of influences, the bands sound remains its own, nostalgic yes, but fresh at the core.

The production on both albums is unashamedly analogue, which really adds to the whole experience; giving them a retro feel from the light hiss of a vinyl record along with an extra layer of  crusty, doomy distortion on the riffs. Lovely.

Graveyard is both refreshing and classic in equal measures, well worth a try for any fan of any rock that has occurred as far back as The Kinks, I challenge anyone to not find and enjoy something of one of their favourite bands represented somewhere, even if it only be one of those mentioned above.


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2 thoughts on “Graveyard: Artist Profile

  1. 乳癌 says:

    About time! Someone with some information on this. You’d think considering how popular Comic Book Adaptations are nowadays, some information would actually be pretty easy to find. Apparently not. Anyway, thanks for this! I appreciate it!

    • Hi there, thanks for your comment! I’m guessing its for the Transformers post rather than Graveyard? If so, watch this space for reviews of Green Lantern and Captain America coming very soon

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